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Hong Kong billionaire invests in $69 million diamond for daughter

Hong Kong billionaire invests in $69 million diamond for daughter

Demand by the wealthy for nature’s unique gift, the magical and mysterious diamond, is well known. This is particularly true for people who appreciate an investment in hard assets. The rise of ever-increasing wealth and the allure of rare gems drive the desire for diamonds, and in the process the price of this elusive treasure.

According to, Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau recently spent Rs 317 crores ($69 million) for a rare 12.03 carat liquid blue diamond which he gifted to his seven-year-old daughter Josephine.

The diamond has been renamed 'Blue Moon Of Josephine'. This comes just a day after the tycoon, affectionately known as Big Liu, spent a whopping $40.4 million (Nearly Rs 268 crores) over a 16.08 carat pink diamond for his daughter that he also renamed 'Sweet Josephine'.

Six years back, he bought then 1-year-old Josephine her first major diamond; a 7.03-carat blue diamond for US$9.48 million (Nearly Rs 63 crores). This diamond was renamed by him as the 'Star of Josephine'.

While you may marvel at the luck that follows the young Josephine, she is not the only lucky daughter of Joseph. Her elder half-sister, 14-year-old Zoe also got two amazing gifts last year. She was gifted with a 9.75-carat 'Zoe Diamond'(US$32.6 million), and a 'Zoe Red' ruby (S$11.9 million).

Big Liu surely knows his way into his daughters' hearts and he knows the one universal truth that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend".


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