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An investment in your pocket

An investment in your pocket

Not only are diamonds one of the most cherished jewels in the world, they also offer a lucrative and secure way to augment your investment portfolio.

For South African investment brokers and private investors looking for a safe way to safeguard against the ever-weakening Rand, diamond investment might be one of the smartest strategies.

Easily portable, diamonds give “a sense of real independence” says Willa Schoeman founder of Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments. “One very important aspect is that the price of diamonds is linked to the US, explains Schoeman.

“Diamonds have continued to increase in value, and certainly today - with the South African financial status weakening and the closing of major mines - have never been better positioned to appreciate even more rapidly.”

Appreciating value

Growing demand for diamonds has translated into impressive price gains for investors. With the rapid growth of personal wealth in China, this new-wealth market is causing significant increase in demand, and, in turn, driving diamond prices.

According to Merril Lynch Wealth Management, “Diamonds have the best fundamentals… the gap between supply and demand is much greater than other commodities.”

In the local South African market investors are looking beyond returns only, to how they can safeguard against a weakening Rand.

According to a report by South African economist Mike Schüssler, “using history as an indicator, the SA Rand could reach a low of R70.00 to the US$ in the next 10 to 15 years.”

Secure investment

Whether it’s a hedge against the falling Rand, owning a valuable hard asset, or acquiring a rare jewel, diamonds provide a unique and fascinating investment to anyone’s portfolio.

Offering the most competitive pricing for investors, Willa Schoeman Diamond Investments ensures each diamond is certified by an international laboratory.


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